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We Make Your Cookbook, Beautifully.

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Up Your Marketing Game

A professionally done cookbook is way more than just a collection of recipes. Gain recognition with your own cookbook by:

  • Hosting exclusive events, like a book release party
  • Creating partnerships with other local businesses
  • Giving your loyal fans another way to support you
  • Garnering media attention for you and your business

Make It Happen With Cookbook Create

We work with you 1:1 to transform your recipes (and photos if you have them) into a gorgeous cookbook matching your unique style. We set you up with an online store where you can sell your book to all of your adoring fans — in only 12 weeks!

See The Packages

Sell Your Cookbook in No Time



Send in your recipes (& photos if you have them).

WEEK 2-3

We organize everything & build out the basic structure.

WEEK 3-7

We work together to create & finalize the finished product.

WEEK 8-11

Off to the printer!


It’s here! Start selling (and making $$) on your very first sale

We Help You Avoid These Common Publishing Pitfalls

Traditional Publishing

  • It will takes an average of 2 years to get your cookbook to market from when your book deal is signed.
  • Before getting signed, you’ll need to work with a literary agent to help you get the book deal. They’ll get about 15% commission.
  • You’ll have no creative control. The publishing house will call the shots with the look and title of your book.
  • You’ll experience endless back-and-forth and a hefty helping of waiting around.

Self Publishing

  • You do ALL the work yourself which means investing a TON of time.
  • You may need to learn complicated software.
  • You’ll need to provide the designs or use cookie cutter design templates.
  • You’ll have to manage the sales logistics. Stocking inventory of books, fulfill orders, set up an online store, work a payment processor, and updating your website.

Not your idea of fun? Not to worry. We have just the thing to help.


Publishing With Cookbook Create

We Do the Heavy Lifting

You provide your recipes (and photos — these are optional), and our team will do the rest to get you a completed, gorgeous proof of your cookbook. You don’t have to worry about formatting, or page layouts. We handle all the details.

Logistics. That’s on Us.

You get a done-for-you sales page on Cookbook Create for online sales and distribution. We handle payments, order processing and cookbook fulfillment. Yay!

No Minimum Inventory

With our service you make money off the very first book you sell (and every book after that!) the beautiful part is that no minimum inventory is required.

We Know Cookbooks

We’ve been making cookbooks — and only cookbooks — for more than 4 years, in a world of different styles, cuisines & personality. Because we specialize in this format, we know how to create and market cookbooks that can compete at the highest tier of the industry.

Our Done Right Guarantee

We know you want your cookbook done right — so do we That’s why we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your cookbook. If you aren’t happy, we’ll make it right. That’s our promise, plain and simple.

Our Flat Fee Structure is Crazy Simple

For a flat fee, you get a custom designed cookbook, an online storefront — and you make money on your first sale.


Maximum profits and fully custom design.


  • Earn $2-5 per online book sale
  • Formatting and styling up to 90 recipes
  • Custom cover design with your photo(s) or custom sourced images
  • Custom photo sourcing up to 10 images
  • Your choice of 3 binding styles for sale (hardcover, softcover, and spiral bound)
  • 1 round of revisions for your cover and proof
  • Arranging your photos in cookbook
  • A done-for you sales page
  • Online order fulfillment
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Get started with making money for your cookbook.


  • Earn $1 per online book sale
  • ormatting and styling up to 30 recipes
  • Cover design with your photo, a pattern, or texture
  • Sourcing 1 pattern or texture for cover
  • Your choice of 1 binding styles for sale (hardcover or softcover)
  • 1 round of revisions for your cover and proof
  • Arranging your photos in cookbook
  • A done-for you sales page
  • Online order fulfillment
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