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Caramel Chew Apple Pops

These little apples on a stick are made out of caramel chew candies enrobed in candy coating with an apple flavored fruit chew leaf, creating a caramel apple flavored treat any teacher will love.

Serves 3people
stick lollipop
caramel chews/caramel squares
red candy melts (found in the baking aisle of most arts & crafts stores)
apple candy oil flavoring, optional
pretzel sticks, for the stem
green apple flavored fruit chew candy (or any grees gummy/chew candy), for the leaf
Unwrap three caramel candies I got them in the candy aisle of the grocery store
Using the warmth of your hands, roll all three caramels into one ball. Push lollipop stick into the caramel ball, making sure not to push it all the way through the top. Form caramel into an apple shape with your fingers, making the apple slightly wider at the top, tapering inwards at the base.
Melt red candy melts according to package and stir in a few drops at a time of apple flavoring, until you have reached your desired apple taste if desired
Dip caramel into bowl of red candy melts. Gently tap the stick on the side of the bowl to let any excess chocolate fall back into the bowl. While chocolate is still wet, attach a piece of a pretzel stick for a stem (you can even create a stem out of a piece of your caramel candy if you don't have pretzels on hand).
Next, attach a leaf made out of green candy (try using green apple “Laffy Taffy”, sour apple "Airheads", or green gumdrops). Stick pops in a Styrofoam block to dry, or anything you can find around the house (like an upside down egg carton) to make them stand up straight. (You can also just lay them on their side on wax paper if you don't mind the back side getting flattened.)
Place in the refrigerator to dry.

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