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Simple Guacamole

Hungry, what to do? I have avocados and onions, would that be enough to make tasty guacamole?

Serves 10people
avacados (the number depends on how many people will be eating this, i try to judge 2-3 people per avocado)
red onions
lemon/lemon juice
pinch salt (i use sea salt but whatever kind you have is perfect)
pinch pepper
Make sure avocados are ripe (soft when you squeeze, if they aren't ripe it will be hard to get them mashed enough.
You cut avocado in half, take out the pit and peel the skin off, I find this the best way to get as much avocado as you can, you can also just use a spoon and scoop it out.
I hate cutting onions so I use my handy onion chopper, but anyway you would like to cut your red onion it fine with me!!! Red onions have a stronger taste so you don't need as much, you can substitute for any other kind of onion you would like i just find red onions have a stronger spicier taste.
Now here comes the hard part, mash up those avocados anyway you would like until they look liked mashed potatoes, add your chopped onion (the amount of onions really depends on your love for the taste, i happen to love onions).
After mixing all these (only two) ingredients (didn't i say simple), add a pinch of salt and pepper and a squeeze (if a full lemon) or a drop or 2 (if lemon juice) to the mixture, mix it all up and enjoy!!!
HINT: If you don't think you are going to finish all that you made if you leave a full pit in the mixture it stays fresh longer!!!

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