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Feta Dip

"Cathy makes this for all our softball and Wally ball parties! I’ve been on the Buttercups team for 10 years and they are the best friends I’ve ever made in my life. I’m one of the youngest on the team and so many life lessons were given on this team that they are no longer friends they are my family! I would not trade them for the world. This dip is kind of the Belly Spackle of the team parties as we will not/cannot drink without this  it’s a fun and unique dip to make and everyone thinks it’s to wild and crazy to try but once you do you can’t help but come back for more." -Sarah Wyckstandt

Serves 10people
Feta Cheese- 8oz. block
Cream cheese- 8 oz. block
Mayo- 2 Tablespoons, add a little more if you want it creamer.
Red Pepper Flakes- 2 Tablespoons, add more if you want it Spicer.
Minced Garlic- 1 Tablespoon, (I add 2 because I love garlic!)
tsp Parsley-
tsp Pepper-
Put all above ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix to desired texture! Personally the creamer the better!
Pita Chips or Ritz Crackers are the BEST options to use! And enjoy!!! So addicting!!

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