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Let’s go with a nice and wild meal like; well i think its wild. It is not a every day item.

Serves 6people
now all though fish by its self isn’t good, what we will do with it taste pretty good, so let’s get some
now, for the seasoning you will want
and a half table spoon of basil
table spoon of mrs. dash
half a tablespoon of old bay
For this meal you will need Cutting boar, Chef’s knife, a Pot, Baking Pan and measuring Spoons.
For this you will want to just place the Fish in a Baking Pan and Sprinkle One Table spoon of Basil on the tops, as well and the Mrs. Dash and the Old Bay Seasoning. You will want to cut one of the lemons in half and squeeze the juice on top on the fish. Take the second one and slice it to place over the fish while cooking. The third one will squeeze the juice out of and put on the fish when it comes out of the oven. The fish will need to be at 145 Degree’s to be cook fully. Follow the instructions for the Rice only add in the Basil while the rice is cooking. Once everything is finished; place the Fish; to cover a scoop of rice one fourth of the way.

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