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Abe’S Shepherd’S Pie

I like to make this dish after I have cooked potatoes for other meals. Just roast plenty of extra potatoes and you're well on your way. I start reducing the stock first, cause’ it takes awhile’. While that’s going, sauté the mushrooms and onions. Once you add onions to the skillet, start browning the ground meat in another pan. deglaze the meat pan with a splash of stock just before removing meat to the baking dish.

Serves 4people
Roasted rosemary potatoes
Sautéed onions and mushrooms
Fresh thyme
Reduced bone stock
Browned ground meat
Roasted Rosemary Potatoes
Dehydrate whole rosemary sprigs, then strip “leaves” off the stems.
Fill a casserole dish with cleaned whole baby red potatoes.
Top with olive oil, salt & fresh ground pepper.
Then crush dried rosemary in your palms and sprinkle a generous amount over potatoes.
Roast 4250F until well cooked, skin will start to have browned spots.
Once cooled a bit, mash.
Sautéed onions and mushrooms
In a dry skillet over medium high heat, dry sauté sliced mushrooms (cremini and/or shitake) until moisture has been liberated, then move to the perimeter of the pan.
Add onions to the skillet, then top with olive oil and stir a bit.
Stir onions periodically in center of pan until starting to be well caramelized, at that point mix with mushrooms and continue cooking until well done.
Reduced Bone Stock
Make a nice rich bone broth
o Roast bones and meat scraps 4250F until well browned, then boil in large sauce pot with some soy sauce and a splash vinegar, minimum 12 hrs. preferably 24-48 hrs. Just at the end, add veggie stock ingredients (onioin and garlic skins, herb stems etc.) and simmer for an hour.
Use 1-2 quarts broth, depending on size of dish. (approx. 1 qt. per. half loaf sized dish)
Boil heavily until broth is reduced to 1/4th initial volume (I use a wooden skewer to measure initial depth and estimate target volume)
Browned Ground Meat
Grind your meat of choice (12-16 oz. per. ½ loaf pan)
Crumble ground meat into a little hot oil. (lamb is a good choice if wild game is not available. Turkey might even work well, especially with turkey stock and fresh sage)
Add salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.
Once well browned on one side, flip meat and top with salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.
Stir once browned and cook until done
Final Assembly-
In a deep Pyrex or other dish (Bread loaf shape not casserole shape dish); bottom layer ground meat, pour in concentrated stock (should just cover meat no more, no less), next layer fresh Thyme leaves (or chopped whole time sprigs as long as they’re not woody), then sautéed onions and mushrooms, Topped with mashed roasted rosemary potatoes.
Keep all the layers nice and level. While cooking, the broth will percolate, mixing all the flavors nicely. Bake at 3500F until top is a nice golden brown and nearly all the broth has been absorbed

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