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Spiked French Vanilla Malt Milkshake

I think I saw this recipe on the Food Network. At the time, it looked so appetizing that I wanted to make on the spot. Pair this drink with your favorite late night snake and the rest will be history.

Serves 2people
cup whole milk
cup malted milk powder, plus more for garnish
cups French vanilla ice cream
oz raspberry liqueur, such as Chambord
raspberry liqueur coulis, recipe follows
fresh raspberries, for garnish
Puree the milk and malt powder in a blender. Add the ice cream and liqueur. Blend until smooth and desired consistency is reached. Swirl around some Raspberry Liqueur Coulis on the inside of each glass. Pour the shake into each glass. Garnish with a dusting of malt powder and a couple raspberries.

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