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Legend lends the story of how Hawaiians came to be: taro. Its product, poi, is sacred, and always revered as such. "Poi, the traditional Hawaiian staple, is a starch dish made by pounding boiled taro roots and mixing with water until it reaches a smooth consistency." To some, it is an acquired taste. To all, it is the breath of life. Source: Polynesian Cultural Center

Serves 8people
fresh poi, 1 bag (16 oz)
you can find this at any local store in hawaii. many japanese markets, such as marukai, carry it, or you can order through a friendly flying, well, friend; or online.
Place poi in large bowl.
Mix by hand, adding a little water at a time.
Continue mixing and adding water until of desire consistency.
To store in refrigerator add a thin layer of water over the poi to prevent it from drying out.
If poi is hard, remove it from bag and place in a baking pan, cover with clear wrap.
Steam for 20 minutes.
Remove and add cold water and mix to desired consistency.
Serve cold or at room temperature.

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