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Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

Perfect cupcake for a Easter party!

Serves 24people
paper cupcake liners
batter for 24 cupcakes. box mix works fine or simply use your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe, it’s your call
mini cadbury creme eggs (24 frozen) you’ll use the frozen ones inside the cupcake batter. freezing the eggs keeps them from completely vanishing inside the baked cake
batch of buttercream frosting
yellow dye
large round piping tip or snip the end off of a piping bag
1. Scoop batter into paper liner ? of the way full. Place one frozen Mini Cadbury Creme Egg into the middle of each cupcake. Use a spatula to spread the batter over the egg.
2. Bake according to the recipe you are using. Allow cupcakes to cool completely.
3. While your cupcakes are cooking, make your buttercream. My favorite recipe can be found within this Fundamentals Buttercream Frosting Post.
4. Remove about 1 cup of buttercream from the mixing bowl and dye it yellow.
5. Assemble your piping bag fitted with a large tip and pipe a large circle around the perimeter of the cupcake.
6. Fill in the center of the circle with the yellow buttercream and top with a Mini Cadbury Cream Egg.

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