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Ciara's Chicken Fajitas

Awesome informal and family style dinner. Friday night fun dinner with family or friends. Get messy. We do Fajita Fest and invite friends. Great to do for a football game night too as a healthier but yum option. Mexican beers with lime or margharita go great with this meal. For the kids do a sparkling orange drink and plenty of water.

Serves 6people
lean organic chicken breasts diced
Diced whole onion
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to season (Mortons & Black Peppercorns to grind)
Fajita seasoning mix
Soft Fajitas - usually 10 Fajitas works for a family of 4 - 6. I would always buy more just in case.
x cups of cubed button Mushrooms
x cup of baby tomatoes (can be Roma)
Small bowl of grated cheese (I like a blend of light cheddar - KerryGold Dubliner grated gives enough kick) for topping
iceberg lettuce chopped up into a bowl for topping
small bowl of Salsa sauce for topping
small bowl of sour cream for topping
small bowl of guacamole for topping
(You use a lot of bowls with this meal but it makes it fun when creating your own tableside fajitas)
pitcher of margharita or beers to accompany and iced lemon & lime water for guests if you make them extra spices
Cook the diced onions in the olive oil in a large wok until translucent
Add the diced chicken (you can also do these as small strips)
Keep stirring
Be careful to not overlook the onions, they should be soft, add more olive oil if they start to crisp
Cook until chicken is completely white & season as you stir
Add the fajita mix to the cup of water and add to the wok with chicken and onions (you can also go without the water if you want as the olive oil and eventually the vegetables will create a lot of juice)
Add the diced peppers and cook until they are soft and tender. I use more red & yellow peppers as they are sweeter usually than the green peppers)
Add the mushrooms and once soft, add the tomatoes, cook until everything is soft
Drain excess juice
Place meal into a fun bright serving dish
Warm the Fajitas in paper towels in the microwave for 10 seconds
Serve with your topping bowls listed above & plenty of napkins ! :)
Everyone builds their own Fajitas. I usually have everything out on the farmhouse table and let folks build their Fajitas. Double up your ingredients and use paper plates if you are entertaining a crowd.

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