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Sunday Roast Lamb

Our Sunday family roast is perfect for fall and winter. Great for entertaining extended family and friends. It will warm your home and make it smell incredible. This is not a quick meal and best to enjoy with wine when cooking for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. We had this after mass and watched movies. Also great for a more formal Saturday evening dinner with friends served with excellent wine and cheeses to start.

Serves 6people
Leg of lamb / lamb roast
Olive Oil (I cook everything in olive oil)
Fresh sprigs of rosemary
Salt & Pepper to season (Mortons & Black Peppercorns to grind)
Italian seasoning for the potatoes
New whole baby potatoes with their skin on
Fresh organic long carrots
Fresh Green beans or asparagus
Bisto Gravy Granules
tbsp of flour
cup of water (300 ml)
Red Zinfandel Wine
tbsp of Honey
I've left the amount of vegetables open as it depends on how many folks you want to serve. I usually do the whole pack of each item and half a bag of potatoes as the leftovers are incredible.
Coleman's mint sauce (this is not mint jelly - it can be found in the International food section of most grocery stores)
Selection of cheeses, quince, Charleston honey with honey comb, pitted black and green olives & rosemary cheese crackers to serve ahead of dinner while it is roasting)
Preheat the oven to 400
Pour yourself a glass of wine, this meal takes a while
Decant the rest of the wine for guests and prepare the cheeses, quince, honey & crackers and set out for guests or family to enjoy while dinner is cooking
Put the leg of lam in a large deep oven dish (I use a non stick metal oven dish for roasting g. You will eventually add your vegetables to this so make sure there is ample space around the leg of lamb)
Cover in olive oil and oil in the base of the pan. I remove any string from the lamb prior to cooking)
Add the sprigs of Rosemary (already to rinsed) to the top of the lamb
Season with salt & pepper
Set in the oven to roast
Boil the baby potatoes until a knife can run through them clean
Prep the carrots, green beans / asparagus. I boil the carrots separately until soft. To make the meal prettier & to roast well have these cut in lengths and not diced.
The most important thing is to keep the water from the boiled potatoes and carrots for your Gravy !
Drain the veg and keep the water - add water together
Add the boiled potatoes around the leg of lamb, season and return to roast in the oven. You want the potatoes to get a little brown and crispy but keep basting them with the olive oil in the base of the oven roasting dish so they don't dry out
For the Gravy add 2 tablespoons of Bisto Gravy Granules to the veg water and whisk in. Add in 2 small tablespoons of flour and keep whisking. Season with salt and pepper and some of your Italian seasoning or Rosemary.
Keep the gravy moving, whisking or stirring it over low heat. I often turn it off the heat and set it aside while everything else is cooking.
You can add some of the excess juice from the cooking lamb and potatoes to the gravy to make it taste incredible.
I often add a splash of red wine to my Gravy and to my cooking lamb.
I will place it back on the heat and then strain it right before adding it to a Gravy dish and serving
Add the asparagus / green beans to your oven dish. You can also add these to the oven in a separate dish.
Add the carrots to a separate oven dish with olive oil and drizzle honey over the top before placing in the oven
Check on your lamb and vegetables and keep basting them
Usually the lamb will need to cook for several hours. This is why I recommend starting the meal cooking early. It will depend on the cut of meat you get but allow 3+ hours of cooking time.
Usually when everything is in the oven you can relax and enjoy company.
When the lamb is thoroughly cooked, check by cutting, add to a large serving dish and surround it with your roasted potatoes and season.
Add the vegetables to separate serving dishes. Have the Coleman's mint sauce chilled and ready for serving with the lamb.
This is a great meal to carve at the table and serve family style!

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