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Grans Chicken Salad

Learned this recipe while working at a local mom n pop diner...not your traditional chicken salad but I love it!

Serves 8people
rotisserie chicken (plain not flavored
medium yellow onion
bunch of celery
small jar bread n butter pickles
8 hard boiled eggs
(6 cup) mayonnaise
black pepper to taste
splash of pickle juice (optional
First I must say that I am writing this recipe totally from memory. Its a recipe passed down through words and trial and error, never written down with exact measurements. Everything depends on how much chicken you end up with.
The first step is to "pick the chicken". Remove the meat from the bones and shred into a large mixing bowl. You must pick the chicken first because this will determine the amount of all the remaining ingredients. Next you want to dice the onions, celery, pickles, and eggs and combine with the chicken. This is where the recipe becomes totally individual. If you like onions then you can add a lot or if you don't then only add a little. If you don't like celery then you can leave it out completely...however this is the only ingredient that I recommend can be removed completely from the recipe because it wont disturb the flavor. This step is all eye-balling the amounts. You want a good balance between all the ingredients when it comes to ratio so that when you take a bite it will contain the works. But like I said you can add a little or a lot based upon your personal preferences and once you make it enough you will know exactly how much of each ingredient you need.
Next add the mayonnaise. Again this is not an exact science. You just want to add enough that will combine and hold all the ingredients together. You don't want to add too much because then you will get big bites of just mayonnaise. I suggest adding a little at a time, mixing it up, and then judging if its the right consistency for you or not. Again this step can be individualized based upon if you enjoy a drier or more moist chicken salad. If you do add too much or its too thick this is where a little splash of the pickle juice comes in handy.
The final step is to add pepper to taste. Some people add salt but I don't think it needs it but again its up to you. After all the ingredients have been well combined, refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.

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