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Kidney Bean & Cabbage Salad

Mom made this occasionally and I find that there is no substitute if you're craving this crunchy, creamy combination. Mom freezes the mixture before adjusting seasoning but you can simply refrigerate for 20-30 minutes if you prefer.

Serves 4people
can Kidney Beans, drained & rinsed until the water runs clear (I shake the water in the can to loosen the thick juice at the bottom)
Tbls Red Wine Vinegar (maybe more I do it by taste)
Garlic Salt & Black Pepper to taste
tbls of Sour Cream (maybe more)
Rinse and Drain Kidney Beans really well (sometimes I dry them with a paper towel). Add Garlic salt and pepper to taste. Add Red Wine Vinegar.
Mix well, then add Sour Cream to get the right consistency, you want enough “sauce” so it can coat the shredded cabbage. Cabbage should be a really heavy head, shred very, very thin. Tossing with fingers to separate prior to adding bean mixture (mom's verbatim instructions ;). Mom keeps the cabbage and bean mixture separate and serves the beans mixture over the shredded cabbage, I usually combine them at this step.
Freeze the mixture to get it super cold and then mix and taste for seasonings. Add more vinegar/sour cream as needed. Enjoy.

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