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Not My Mama's Mexican Rice

A simple, easy delicious traditional mexican rice! I searched for so long for a recipe that tasted just as a restaurant would make. Finally, Yvonne's mom showed her the way and she showed me! Enjoy!

Serves 2people
cup of rice (I use Basmati, but any long grain white rice will do)
cups water
cube or tsp of chicken bouillon (more to taste)
Tomato sauce (for color, I use 1/2 a small can)
Oil oil (for sautéing)
chopped onion
Salt (optional)
If you need to make more, adjust the recipe accordingly
Measure out rice, and put in pan with a tbsp or so of Olive oil. Saute the rice until golden.
Add water and tomato sauce and stir. Add chicken bouillon and taste. This is the MOST important part: When you taste the water, it will taste like the rice will once finished. Adjust (add more bouillon or salt) if needed.
Add onion and cook until liquid is gone-about 15-20 minutes. (I stir the rice 1-2 times so it doesn't burn) Enjoy!

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