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Coconut Mojito

Jennifer and Dave In February of 2017, we went to Puerto Rico. Dave researched places we should go, including drinks and food we should try. One place was known for its coconut mojito. Dave ordered one, but I wasn't so sure, so I ordered something else. Our drinks came; he said I must try his; once I did, I said we were ordering a second round! When we got home, Dave was set on figuring out how to make this drink and with some research and trial and error (?), we landed on this recipe. Note: Recipe requires a muddler. Also, you can make this a "nojito" by not adding the rum.

Serves 4people
cup packed fresh mint leaves
oz Nellie & Joe’s Key West Lime Juice
oz Torani Sugar Free Coconut syrup (an ounce more or less depending in desired sweetness)
oz coconut water without pulp, chilled
oz seltzer water, chilled
oz white rum, chilled
lime, optional for garnish
Add the mint, lime juice and coconut syrup into a pitcher. Muddle for a few seconds, until you can really smell the mint
Pour in the coconut water, seltzer water, rum and ice. Stir until chilled
Add some ice and an optional lime wedge to a tumbler, pour mojito over ice, then enjoy

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