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Frozen Hot Chocolate Cheesecake

A frozen hot chocolate cheesecake (ice cream, cheesecake-flavored pie) with an Oreo crust, mini marshmallows, and swirls of marshmallows mixed throughout.

Serves 12people
full Oreos, no need to separate cookie from filling (about 2 cups when crushed)
cup sugar
tbsp butter, melted
(8 oz) pkg. cream cheese. softened
can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
milk chocolate flavored hot cocoa mixes with marshmallows
container (8 oz.) frozen whipped topping, completely thawed
cup marshmallow fluff
In a food processor, process the Oreos until they are crumbs and pour those crumbs into a medium-sized bowl. Melt the butter and mix with Oreo crumbs and sugar. Stir until a sticky dough is formed and then press the Oreo dough into the bottom of a springform pan. Press the crumbs throughout the bottom of the pan and a little up the sides. In the same bowl, you used to make the crust, put in the cream cheese. Using hand mixers, mix the cream cheese for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Slowly add in the sweetened condensed milk and continue to mix with the hand mixers for about 3-4 minutes. Using a spatula scrape down the sides and continue to mix for another minute. Turn off the mixers and pour in one packet of hot chocolate. Stir the hot chocolate until incorporated in the mixture. With the spatula, fold in the cool whip until it is completely incorporated. Be careful to not over-mix the cool whip with the rest of the ingredients. Then mix in the marshmallow fluff so it swirls around with the rest of the ingredients. Barely mix in the fluff so there are marshmallow ribbons throughout the pie. Pour the mixture into the pan on top of the Oreo crust. Freeze overnight or for at least 8 hours. Thaw for about 10 minutes before serving and return any leftovers to the freezer after served.

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