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Glühwein (German Mulled Wine)

Glühwein is a hot mulled wine infused with whole spices and orange slices. ****Drink December 5th to follow tradition.*** The 6th of December is commonly known as St.Nikolas day and that's the day when the Saint comes to bring Chocolates, Sweets, and Oranges to well-behaved Children. But before St.Nikolas visits with his angles, the demons come back to life to take with them the naughty kids and that's what the 5th is all about!!

Serves 4people
Red Wine Note- not too expensive but a good one! Pinot Nior, Lemberger or Zweigelt is recommended.
Organic Orange (we use the rind!)
Vanilla Bean or extract,*see notes
3 3/4
cups Red Wine
cup Water
Cinnamon stick
Star Anise
pinch Nutmeg
Sugar to your liking
The Christmas wine spices are always whole spices because the flavors are purer and true to a traditional gluhwein recipe.
Wash your orange well to get rid of impurities, pat dry and cut into thick slices.
Poke cloves into orange slices. This is to prevent the spices to fall into the mulled wine, and it will be easier to collect them afterward.
Slice the vanilla bean lengthwise and scratch out and collect the vanilla bean seeds.
Pour wine into a saucepan with the water and heat up gradually.
Place orange slices with cloves into the pan. Also add the vanilla bean with scratched out seeds, cinnamon stick, anise and nutmeg
Keep on slow heat (it should never boil!) and cover the pot for 15-20 minutes. You can keep the mulled wine to infuse away from the heat if you like.
Take out all the spices and orange slices. You can strain the mulled wine too if you don't want the fruit pulp in it.
Make sure your mulled wine is kept on a steady heat. Sweeten your gluhwein to your liking and serve hot.
The wine should never boil or else the alcohol will evaporate.******
If you can't get a vanilla bean use a few drops vanilla extract or use vanilla bean paste.

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