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Svíčková By Stepan Bechynsky

„Svíčková” is probably most significant meal in Czech Republic. If you visit Czech Republic and you will go to almost any Czech pub or restaurant you will get it. „Svíčková“ is beef meat with sauce made from cream and vegetable with dumplings as side dish. Taste of sauce is sweet-sour. To prepare „Svíčková“ you will need lot of time and attention. I cook it usually just few times a year and mainly for our regular Sunday lunch with our grandmothers. They live both alone and it is not possible to prepare „Svíčková“ just for one person.

Serves 6people
kg Chuck tender beef ~
gr Carrot ~250
gr Celery root ~200
gr Onion ~
gr Parsley root ~
gr Apple ~
Bay leaf
Pork lard 2 table spoons, you can replace it with canola oil (not olive oil!) to make it vegetarian
Beef broth ~ 1000 ml, you can replace it with water, to prepare broth just boil piece of cheap beef meat for ~ 4 hours
Butter ~ 60 g (not salted)
Mustard 2 table spoons, use mild one or Dijon
Sugar ~
Vinegar ~ 100 ml, try not to use wine or apple one
Dry white wine ~ 100 ml, use the one you like
Whipping Cream ~ 250 ml, use one with as much fat as possible, at least 30%
Lemon peel ½ table spoon, just yellow part, white part is bitter
Put Peppercorn, Bay leaf and Allspices to small piece of clean cloth and make small package. We will throw it away before finishing sauce and it is easier to throw away package then look for every single piece of seasoning.
Season beef meat with salt and pepper.
Clean vegetable and cut it on small pieces. Put root vegetable separate from onion and apple.
Heat roasting pan on stovetop. Add lard (oil) and butter and let it heat. Roast beef meat from all sides.
Heat oven for ~ 90 °C, we will use it to keep meat warm before we finich some steps.
Put roasted meet to another pan, cover it and put to oven.
Put root vegetable in pan (still on the 2 burners of the stovetop) Roast root vegetable until little brown.Add onion and roast until little more brown. Add apple and roast until little more brown. ? It can take easily 40 to 60 minutes to process all vegetable. At the beginning it goes very slow but from some point when vegetable lost critical amount of water it goes very fast.
Add sugar and let it melt.
Add mustard and seasoning in package.
Add vinegar and let it totally boiled out.
Open windows 😊 Be careful here. Vinegar is acid so do not inhale it.
Add wine and reduce it to half.
Add salt.
Add meat from oven.
Add beef broth or water until meet is not fully covered.
Cover pan and let it cook until meat is tender.
Add lemon peel.
Use blender to mix vegetable together with cream. Add more or less cream based how thick you want sauce to have. Blend it well. You don’t want to have any small pieces of vegetable. It must be like dense liquid.

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