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Crispy California Roll Tacos

Serves 6people
Canola oil, for frying
cucumber, peeled and very finely diced
sheets of nori, cut into 27 squares you'll have a few extra
cups brown rice
tbsp rice vinegar
oz Crab meat
cup mayonnaise
sesame seeds for garnish
Soy sauce and wasabi for drizzling on top of tacos
Spicy Mayo (sriracha and mayo)
Using a taco shell, take about an 8 inch piece of non heavy-duty foil and push it gently into the taco shell until you've gotten a pretty good shape of the interior of the shell.
When you pull the foil out, give it a once over and check for really sharp points. Push them down to create a smoother surface since a wonton skin may be pierced by sharp points.
Now drape the wonton on the bottom of the taco shell to shape it into a little taco. Hold it in place with a pair of tongs. Make sure you have your oil set to about 350 degrees. These shells will cook in a matter of seconds, so keep a good eye on them. Lower the tongs into the oil. DON'T LET GO! Keep a grip on it, but a gentle one so you aren't tearing the wonton.
In about ten seconds, lift it out, and with a fork pull the wonton off the foil and back into the oil. Remove with the tongs gently. Don't do this with your fingers as you may very well burn your fingers! Set your shells aside.
Mix crab meat with mayo in a small bowl.
Cut your nori sheets into nine equal pieces and put one square into each shell.
Mix your brown rice with your rice vinegar. Microwave for 15 or so seconds. Put about a little over a tablespoon of brown rice inside.
Top with a heaping tablespoon of our california roll mixture, some finely diced cucumber and some sesame seeds.
Serve with spicy mayo, and a bowl of premixed wasabi and soy sauce. Use a spoon to drizzle soy sauce on taco, these aren't terribly dippable.

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