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Screaming Good Ribs

I actually got this recipe while watching Oprah about 10 years ago. This is a no fail recipe. This is amazing every time.

Serves 6people
tbsp lowery's seasoning salt
tsp black pepper
lb baby back ribs (it calls for baby back ribs but most of the time i use pork spare ribs
cloves garlic - minced
large jalapeno peppers minced
large onions - halved and thinly sliced
recipe calls for 2 green, 2 red and 2 yellow bell peppers thinly sliced ( i have made this way but have also used all green when that is all i have
In small bowl combine seasoning salt, pepper, garlic, and jalepinos. rub onto both sides of ribs. Line a large roasting pan with enough foil to cover the ribs completely put a layer of onions and peppers on top of the foil and then lay some ribs on top of that. Continue layering the onions and bell peppers and then the ribs until complete..Tightly wrap the marinated ribs in the foil and refrigerate for at least 24 hours. Remove the pan from the refrigerator and let sit on the counter at room temperature for 30 minutes Bake the foil wrapped ribs for 6-8 hours at 250 degrees. These will fall off the bone and are soooo scrumtious.

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