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Chicken Soup

This is a recipe by the Simpson family... our mummy was never really very good at making chicken soup until she made aliyah and met Susan. The recipe is actually Sarah - Lees, it is so yummy and easy.

Serves 6people
chicken wings (ish 1 per person
large tomatoes (i don’t serve them but it's up to u
bag of celery
bag of parsley
bag of carrots
tbsp chicken soup powder (about
large onions
table salt
For BEST results, make on Thursday, put in fridge overnight and then reheat for Friday night dinner
Wash chicken pieces thoroughly and place in empty pot.
Wash peel and cut about 6-8 carrots into chunky pieces about 1cm long. Wash and cut celery (without the leaves) to about the same size. Cut tomatoes into 6 chunky slices. Cut onions into fours and divide the peels.Throw all of this into the pot.
Fill the pot with tap water (or bottled water if your inlaws are coming over!) till about 7/8 full
Place parsley in the small bowl of water with salt and swish around
Cut chop into tiny wee things and throw on top of the water
Add 2 tablespoons of chicken soup powder and 1 tablespoon of table salt. Cover and turn on the gas to full heat. When it starts to bubble, lower the flame and cover half. Stir every so often and taste just cos its yummy!
Taste and add salt/powder as you like while its cooking, if you need help – facetime/skype me... Sarah-Lee

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