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Chicken Cordon Bleu

This is a chicken feast in and of it's self! Chicken, melted cheese and ham. If you are hungry after this main course, devour a salad and you will still be on the low carb track!

Serves 6people
lb (about 3 pieces) whole boneless, skinless chicken breasts, thawed
nonstick cooking spray
extra-thin slices ham lunch meat
1-oz-each) sticks string cheese (mozzarella
scallions (green onions, green parts only
or 2 tbs. melted butter, optional
cup panko break crumbs or pulverized pork rinds
package of dry "good seasons italian dressing" mix
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a glass or ceramic baking dish with nonstick coating and set aside.
Split each chicken breast down the middle. Open each split breast and lay chicken as flat as possible on waxed paper.
Using a meat tenderizer or other heavy tool, pound each chicken breast as flat as uniformly possible. (I pound on the side that was split open, leaving the original outer side still attractive and smooth.) The tenderized chicken breasts should be about 3/8? thick.
Lay about 3 extra-thin slices of ham over each chicken breast, overlapping slices as needed. If meat is not super-thin, you may just want to use 1 slice per breast.
Unwrap 6 (1-oz-each) sticks of string cheese and place 2 sticks on top of the ham slices in the center of each chicken breast.
Dice the green parts of 2 scallions into small pieces and sprinkle some on top of each pair of cheese sticks.
Starting at one end of the flat chicken breast (parallel to length of cheese stick), begin rolling the chicken breast around the ham/cheese/onions.
Transfer to sprayed casserole dish, being sure to secure the open edge of each roll firmly underneath to prevent seeping.
Once chicken has been transferred to baking dish, rub a tiny amount of melted butter over them (optional) and sprinkle liberally with about 2 Tbs. panko or pork rind crumbs mixed with the "Good Seasons Italian Dressing" mix or other preferred coating.
Cover with aluminum foil; Bake covered for about 35-40 minutes.
Remove foil and cook an additional 10 minutes, or until evenly cooked.

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