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Eggplant Lasagna

My mom adapted a great way to enjoy the deliciousness of a warm, hearty lasagna without the carbs and a bloated belly. Using eggplant layers instead of pasta noodles equals ummmm!!!

Serves 6people
large eggplants
large yellow onion
large red onion
large red pepper
large tomatoes
garlic cloves (amt depends on how garlicy you like things)
bag frozen spinach (or 3-4 bags of fresh spinach)
large tub of ricotta cheese
bag shredded mozzerella cheese
bottle of pasta sauce
olive oil
salt/pepper/italian spices
Chop the onions and tomatoes and red pepper and keep all of them separate and set to the side.
Thaw the Frozen Spinach or if using fresh spinach, be sure to rinse and dry.
In large skillet cook the garlic in olive oil until turns slight brown. Then add the onions and cook over low heat until they get clear. Add the chopped red pepper. Add the spinach and tomotoes with pasta sauce. The sauce should give it salt and italian flavour but you can add more salt/italian herbs if you would like it stronger. Set the cooked vegetables to the side to cool.
Once cool, mix the vegetables with Ricotta Cheese.
Slice the eggplant into long thin strips (1") and lightly cook on skillet in olive oil. You want the eggplant to be cook through but not become mushy. As the eggplant is in thin layers it should not take too long.
Turn oven on to 350 degrees.
In a large rectangular, oven-ready pan lightly coat the bottom of pan with Pasta Sauce. Then add the first layer of cooked eggplant across the entire pan. Add a small amount of pasta sauce on top of the eggplant. Then generously add the vegetable/ricotta cheese on top. Add a thin layer of shredded mozzerella. Now, add another layer of cooked eggplant, followed pasta sauce, the vegetable/ricotta mix, mozzerella. Finally, add the last layer of cooked eggplant followed by a generous coating of pasta sauce and mozzerella cheese.
Place the lasagna uncovered in the oven for about 45mins until the top layer of cheese is bubbling and turning slightly brown. Take the lasagna out of the oven and let it cool down slightly so the ingredients can all settle. Now it is ready to serve.

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